1. The forwarding label allows the WTS user to set up a recipient with an address and printing an address label when receiving instead of a tracking label. It also will follow its own workflow.

    1. Add a status named “FORWARD”, make the status an action.

    2. Optional: Setup an email for the “FORWARD” status to send a different email, since any email for the “RECV” status will not be sent.

    3. Go to “Admin” and select “Customize Receive Screen”.

    4. Enable “Next Action” Feature.

    5. Add an address to the recipient to be set to, under their profile and select “use forwarding label”. Select “Update”.

    6. When a package is received for that recipient the status will auto set to “Forwarding Label” and will print an address label instead of a tracking label.

      1. This can also be setup in the import by using binary 1/0 code for the import field:

        ForwardingLabel: 1=Yes, 0=No

Date created:
07/31/2018 09:17:44
Last updated:
02/21/2019 10:13:08
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