1. Go to Help for Group Modify in Mobile App

    Go to Help for Group Deliver in Mobile App

    Deliver is the same screen as the “Current Undelivered” screen. It will display options for filtering undelivered packages and all the currently undelivered packages within WTS.

  2. Filter Items

    1. Select the radio to search on.

    2. Enter partial or entire search option.

    3. Select Apply.

    4. Submitted Items can be selected individually or all together to be

        • Group Delivered: Deliver/ change status on items.
        • Group Modified: Change package data on items checked.
        • Group Label Print: Print new labels for items checked (Have to have printer connected to PC).
        • Report printed or exported as a .csv for Excel.
  3. Group Deliver/Status Change

    1. All packages will display that were checked.

    2. Select Delivery Status. Delivered is always the default status.
      *Signature required only for statuses setup to require signature

  4. Group Modify

    1. Allows all checked packages to have package data modified in one step. All areas changed will modify all packages once “Save Changes” is selected.

      *All packages a part of the modification will go to the status of “Modified” and will be removed from the current status, including statuses that may have a schedule against them. This can change the timing for statuses or the workflow of the package if using email or scheduled statuses.

  5. Modification Key

    1. This key will display but explains what can and cannot be modified for the items selected.

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