1. Go to Help for deliver a package in Mobile App

    Deliver is the last step where parcel is delivered to its final recipient or another person who will make sure that final recipient will have the parcel.

  2. In order to deliver parcels on WTS web application.

    1. You should click on Deliver item on the top menu.

    2. On Deliver page, you can choose to deliver one or multiple packages at the same time. In the Filter section on the top of the page, it is possible to refine your search criteria to view a subset of undelivered items.

    3. If you are interested in delivering one package, then you can click on view package button (Eye icon) for that package. In order to display details of package tracking status, browser will be redirected to Package Tracking View page.

    4. To deliver a package, click on Deliver button in the bottom menu, which will open Deliver page for you.

    5. On Deliver page, you have 2 options. Either you have the possibility to capture package recipient’s signature or release the package without asking for recipient’s signature. WTS system settings will give possibility to require a signature or not as well as whether a package can be delivered to someone other than its final recipient or not.

    6. If you click on the button next to Signed By input field, Signed By input field’s value will be set to final recipient name. Recipient’s signature is captured using signature pad which is connected to your PC.

    7. If delivery agent needs to release a package without requiring recipient to sign for the package, he will click on Release Without Signature and provides a reason for not requiring a signature.

    8. Package status is changed to delivered. On the bottom of Package Tracking View page, captured signature as well as the name of person who signed for the package is displayed.

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