• In Currently undelivered page, you can view and query packages that are not yet delivered. Please remember that you can only query packages based on one criteria each time.
    Here is a list of available criteria:
    - Recipient name: you can use a part of recipient name or look for all recipients who have a specific first name or last name.
    - Recipient location
    - Mailbox number
    - Badge ID
    - MyList values: query packages based on Mylist values
    - Route: All packages assigned to a specific route
    - Storage Location: all packages that are stored in a specific storage location
    - Delivery Status : Select between all available tracking statuses
    - Source : Choose whether a package has been entered via mobile app or on website

  • It is also possible to modify, deliver or print label for selected packages at the same time.
    Like other reporting pages, you can choose which field you wish to display on the report as well as export query results in csv and pdf formats.

Date created:
07/31/2018 09:32:17
Last updated:
12/03/2018 15:21:15
WTS Package Tracking