1. Adding a Recipient Location (NO ROUTING)

    1. Login to WTS and click Admin.

    2. Select Recipient Location (recipient can and might be renamed).

    3. Enter in the Name (Required) and Description and click “Add Recipient Location”.

  2. Adding a Recipient Location using Routing

    1. Click the icon under Location Type to add a type if you do not have any already.

    2. Click “OK” when done entering information. Repeat this till you have all necessary types.
      (Examples of Location Types are but not limited to Route, Building, Floor, Location, and Room)

    3. Click the Plus icon under Location to add a location. Enter in the details. The Location is required. The room fields allow you to mass create multiple locations between a range. The room number will be placed in front of it.

    4. Once the locations are created, locations can be moved under other locations to create a tree if needed. Use the icons to achieve location position. Example below.

    5. Click the Save icon when finished.

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