• Instead of creating senders one by one, you can import them all at once using a csv file. To import senders, you can visit Admin Page, where you will find Import Sender csv file link.
  • Csv file should contain at least sender’s name. For example, a csv file might contain these lines:

    1st line : Name
    2nd line : GJSPOst
    3rd line : Amazon
    4th line : ABCCompany
    5th line : UPS
    6th line : FEDEX

    By importing this file, 5 senders will be added to senders’ reference table.
    It is possible to provide more information for each sender in csv file. Here is an example:
    1st line : Name, Address, City, Email, Country, State, ZIP, Cell, Company
    2nd line : ABCPost, Avenue Maine, Paris, abcpost@yahoo.com, France, IDF, 92220, 08484884, ABCPost

    Please be advised that if a sender already exists in senders’ table and you have not chosen to erase existing senders before executing import, then existing sender will not be updated and a new sender will be created in senders’ table. This situation might lead to having duplicated lines in senders’ table.
    Once import is finished, you can view added senders in “Admin > Senders” page.
Date created:
07/31/2018 09:39:01
Last updated:
12/03/2018 15:21:21
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