1. WTS will already have FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL carriers and services configured as a standard feature. This section allows other or custom carriers and carrier services be added to WTS.

    1. Go to Admin.

    2. Select “Carriers and Services” under Advanced.

    3. To add a carrier select “Add Carrier”.

    4. Enter a code (unique) and Display Name. Select “OK” to save.

    5. Make sure the carrier was added. If need to delete a carrier select the or to modify the carrier.

    6. To add a custom service for the carrier, select “Add Service”.

    7. A New Carrier Service box will pop up. Select Carrier, enter code, and the description of the Service.

    8. If you want a custom field to be auto populated when this service is selected, choose the drop down field you want to auto populate and enter the value in the box next to the drop down.

    9. Select “OK” to save.

    10. Make sure the carrier service was added. If need to delete a carrier select Delete Button or Modify Button to modify the carrier.

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07/31/2018 09:51:51
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