1. Users are people who need to utilize the WTS software. They can only be configured by a system administrator. This section will explain how to create, edit and delete users with WTS.

  2. Creating a WTS User

    1. Login as the user created during the install of WTS or with the admin login.

    2. Select “Admin”.

    3. Locate “Security” and Select “User Admin”.

    4. Fill in the Name, User name and password. Select “Permissions”.

      1. Attention

        The password does not have any specifications since the admin is creating it. If the user wants to change the password that will be shown in the User Edit section and this password will have to have certain characters to be accepted.

    5. Choose the desired permission of this user. Below are the permission choices and descriptions.

      1. Attention

        If you logged in as admin you will just be choosing permission for the modules the customer purchased even though you see all modules the system will be able to support.

      2. Critical Operations include the ability to add or modify a recipient, my lists and/or locations.

    6. Select “Add”.

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