• In Devices page, you can view a list of all devices that have been registered to your WTS client account.
    Clicking on Modify button, it is possible to change device’s custom name. You can also change this name in WTS mobile app’s administration screen.
    If you delete a device from this list, user won’t be able to sign into WTS on this device again. He needs to register this device again in order to be able to use WTS mobile app. As number of allowed mobile devices is usually restricted for each account, you might need to delete a device in order to be able to register a new device to be used by a WTS user.
    If you click on Map view, then all devices for which geolocation have been will appear on Google Map.
    In order to register a device on WTS, you need to have client’s account code. To fetch this account code, you need to press on “Print Install Sheet” page and information for this account appears in pdf file.
Date created:
07/31/2018 09:45:49
Last updated:
12/03/2018 15:21:28
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