1. In Admin > Pickup System Defaults, you can modify settings that configure Employee Portal.


    Hide Timestamps for pickups : let’s say that you wish to only display date of delivery as you have had employees who complained that packages were delivered with a significant delay after packages were received by mailroom staff. In this case, you can check this option which will only display date of events for each package.

    Lock sender information on pickups : if not checked, then employee can request a pickup on behalf of someone else.

    Interoffice Recipient Field Mapping : let’s say that you need to retrieve specific information about the recipient and set value of one of userfields to this value. Here you can specify which recipient information should be set to which userfield.

    Enable Pickup Approval Process : By default, as soon as an employee requests an interoffice pickup, package information will appear in pending pickup status and delivery agent can come and pick up this package. Let’s say that mailroom manager discovers that employees do not provide all necessary information and often there are problems delivering packages to recipients. By checking this option, mailroom manager can verify each interoffice request for missing information and can approve. This option adds one more step to processing pickup request and interoffice package delivery.

    Require Default Recipient : checking this option will set recipient field in Employee Portal to a default recipient and employees won’t be able to change this field.

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07/31/2018 09:57:21
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