1. This option allows there to be multiple receive screen setups based on Jobs. Jobs are set per user in the system.

  2. Example:
    If you have multiple receiving locations that want different receive screen setups for each location.

    1. Create a Job under Admin>Advanced>Job Function Management.

      1. a. Add Job Function.

        b. Enter Name and select “OK”.

    2. To enable option go to System Settings and check mark the highlighted option.

    3. Go to “Customize Field Names” and look for the Job Function drop down to select a job and setup the receive screen for that Job.

    4. Once Receive screen/screens are setup per job, go to User Admin and select the Job under the user.

      1. Tip

        The receive screen can be switched up also on the fly by selecting the Job Function from the Receive screen also.

Date created:
08/09/2018 08:58:19
Last updated:
02/21/2019 10:42:09