• This report displays postal expenditures for all the accounts over a selected time period, sorted by ascending account number.

    The report displays all the accounts in 'active' status, and accounts 'inactive' or 'deleted' with a postage value.

  • Requirements

    This report is available as a user or a supervisor.

    The current account mode has to be 'Accounts' or 'Accounts, with Access Control'.

    You have to specify the period for the report (Begin and End dates).

    Default period:

    • Begin = 1st day of current month
    • End = Current date
  • Output

    • Screen
    • USB printer
    • USB memory key

  • Content




    Die number

    On printed report only.

    The report displays the hierarchy of groups and sub-groups, with the total values per group and sub-total values per sub-group.

    For each group/sub-group:

    • Group/sub-group name
    • Total number of items processed
    • Total postage value

    For each account:

    • Account Number
    • Account name
    • Number of items processed (zero + non-zero items)
    • Total postage value

    If, in the period, some items were printed using a mode without accounts (default account), these items appear in the report under the name: 'Others' and 'No Accounts'.

  • When Advanced reporting is enabled, budget and surcharge data is included in the report. Please contact your Customer Service to enable options.
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03/12/2014 22:31:59
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