1. Feeding a stack of mail pieces:

    1. Arrange the mail pieces according to their size (the largest/heaviest letters beneath).

    2. Fan the envelopes to separate them.

    3. Bevel the edge of the stack.

    4. Place the envelopes in the hopper, their upper edge resting against the rear guide.

      1. Ensure that all the envelopes are stacked along the rear guide, from largest to smallest.

    5. Adjust the side guide for large envelopes. To adjust the guide, push it gently to rest against the envelopes, without pressing.

      1. Envelopes flaps must be closed, not nested. Do not try to seal self-adhesive envelopes.
  2. Thickness Setting:

    1. The feeder have 2 thickness settings that you can use according to the envelopes you have to process. Use this setting if several thin envelopes pass at one time through the feeder or, if thick envelopes are blocked at the entrance of the mail path.
    2. Open Feeder Cover.

    3. Change lever position:

      1. - 1 for thin envelopes

        - 2 for thick envelopes.

    4. Close the Feeder Cover.

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