1. Put the mail in different stacks according to the characteristics and in the order that follows:

    1. Mail Type.

      1. See table

        Outgoing mail with different postage types

        Standard postage

        Incoming mail

        Mail to count or to seal only.

    2. Separate envelopes that require sealing from those that do not.

    3. Accounts to allocate costs to (only if you have to select an account at log in, see Settings Details).

    4. Rates to apply and services to add.

    5. Physical characteristics.

      1. Separate mail pieces that exceed the weight, size or thickness allowed in the system mail path (see Mail Specifications).

    6. Finally, sort each stack by item size.

      1. Your Mailing System can run mixed mail when using Dynamic scale options. In this case, mail should be stacked largest / heaviest on the bottom. Otherwise, separate sizes in different stacks.
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