• 'Account Modes' table

    The table below summarizes the 'Account mode' options available and the function of each option, on the user and supervisor points of view.

    Account mode


    Action requiredto access the system

    'No Account'

    No postage tracking

    No access control

    Unlimited access to the system

    'No Account with Access Control'

    No postage tracking

    Protects access to the system

    Type a PIN code (shared by all users) to login


    Tracks postage byAccount/Department

    Select the account to chargepostage

    'Accounts with Access Control'

    Tracks postage byAccount/Department

    Controls access to system and to accounts

    Type a PIN code to log in

    Select the account to charge postage

    'Remote Account Management'

    Postage tracking and access controlmanaged from the PC

    (same as modes with accounts listed above)

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03/12/2014 22:29:46
Last updated:
11/21/2017 08:25:50