1. To create a group or a subgroup:

    1. As supervisor (see How to Log in as Supervisor):

      1. The Account list screen is displayed.

    2. Select Add Acct/Group.

    3. Select Add Group.

      1. The Add group window appears.

    4. Enter the Group Name by using the keypad.

    5. Select the Group Status (active or inactive). The screen then displays the current status of the Group you have selected.

    6. To put the current Group into a Subgroup, select the Folder button, select a group in the list and press [OK].

    7. On the Add group Screen, press [OK].

      1. The Group creation summary Screen is displayed.

    8. Press [OK] to create this group.

Date created:
03/12/2014 22:30:36
Last updated:
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