1. To create an account activate the mode 'Accounts'. See How to Display and Change the 'Account Mode'.

    1. As supervisor (see How to Log in as Supervisor):

      1. The Account list screen is displayed.

    2. Select Add Acct/Group and then select Add account.

      1. The Add account screen is displayed.

    3. Enter the account Number and Name using the keypad and press [OK]. Select the Account Status (the button displays the current status: Active or Inactive).

      1. Press the screen to change fields.

    4. To put the Account into a Group other than 'ROOT', select the Folder button, select a Group or Subgroup in the list and press [OK].

    5. On the Add account screen, press [OK].

      1. The Account creation summary screen is displayed.

      2. The Budget and Surcharge settings are only available when Advanced Reporting option is activated. See Budget and Surcharge Preferences.
    6. Press [OK] to confirm the creation of the account.

      1. You can also import a list of Accounts. See Importing/Exporting Account Lists.
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