• Turning the system on automatically starts a work session on the Mailing System.

    At start-up, depending on specific supervisor settings:

    • The access to the system may be open.
    • You may have to enter a PIN code.
    • You may have to select an account.

    Your work session ends when the system returns to a 'Sleep' mode.

    1. To log in as a user:

      1. Press to wake-up the system.

        1. The system may display one of the following screens:

          Home Screen [Standard]

          Login Screen

          Account Screen

      2. If the following screen is displayed:

          • Homescreen [Standard]: If this screen is displayed, no other step is required to navigate through the system.
          • Login Screen: If the Login Screen is displayed, enter your PIN code.
          • Account Screen: If the Account Screen is displayed, select your account as follows.

            Use up and down arrows (use double arrows to scroll list) and press [OK] to validate.

            You can also use a barcode scanner (option) to select your account.

          The Homescreen [Standard] page is displayed. The work session starts.

    • To find an account Find your account quicker: instead of using up and down arrows, type the account number or name (tap column headers to switch between number and name) or use a barcode scanner (optional). To type letters instead of figures using the keypad, press the corresponding key several times in a row like a cell phone.
      (Example: To have “N” press twice the key “6").
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03/12/2014 22:21:40
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