1. Turning the system on automatically starts a work session on the Mailing System.

    At start-up, depending on specific supervisor settings:

    • The access to the system may be open.
    • You may have to enter a PIN code.
    • You may have to select an account.

    Your work session ends when the system returns to a 'Sleep' mode.

    1. To log in as a user:

      1. Press to wake-up the system.

        1. The system may display one of the following screens:

          Home Screen [Standard]

          Login Screen

          Account Screen

      2. If the following screen is displayed:

          • Homescreen [Standard]: If this screen is displayed, no other step is required to navigate through the system.
          • Login screen: If the Login Screen is displayed, enter your operator PIN code
          • Account screen: If the Account Screen is displayed, select your account as follows.
            • Use up and down arrows (use double arrows to scroll list) and press [OK] to validate.
            • You can also use a barcode scanner (option) to select your account.

          The Homescreen [Standard] page is displayed. The work session starts.

    1. To find an account To locate an Account quickly, type the Account Number or Name (tap column headers to switch between number and name) or use a Barcode Scanner. To type letters instead of figures using the keypad, press the corresponding key several times in a row.
      (Example: For 'N' press the '6' key three times).
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