1. You can add funds to your Mailing System at any time by complete the steps listed below.

    The Mailing System then connects to the Postal Services and validates the operation.

    1. To add funds to the PSD:

      1. Either:

      2. Select Add Funds.

      3. If the system asks for a PIN code, enter the code using the keypad and press [OK].

        1. The Funds Screen is displayed.

          By default, the system displays the value of the previous transaction.

      4. Enter the amount of postage to add using the keypad (use C to clear a digit, press C twice to clear the field).

      5. Press [OK] to start the connection to the Postal Server.

        1. If the funding process is successful, the system displays a successful message.

          If funding fails, the system displays a failure message and the amount that you may actually add, depending on your postal account balance.

          In the case of a communication error, the amount previously entered cannot be changed. Check connection settings (see Connection Settings).
      6. You can open the Funds Used / Funds Available screen to check your account balance once the transaction is complete (see How to Check the PSD (Meter) Funds).

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