1. Before you can set budgets and surcharges for an account you first have to activate these features and set the global preferences.

    Budget and Surcharge functions are only available if the Advanced Reporting option has been downloaded to your Mailing System.
    1. Global Preferences

      The budget of an account is the postage amount that can be charged to this account in a given period of time. This period of time is common to all accounts in the system.

      When activating the Budget or Surcharge function, you have to set this period of time to a month or a year and to choose a beginning day.

    1. Budget Preferences





      0 to 99999

      Budget allocated to the account for the period.

      Warning limit (%)

      0 to 100%

      Consumed percentage of the budget at which the system warns the user and the supervisor.

      Locking limit (%)

      0 to 100%

      Percentage of the budget consumed at which the system blocks postage for the account.

    1. Surcharge Preferences

      The surcharge preferences are set for each account individually.

    2. Preference



      Fixed Rate

      0.01 to 99

      The fixed amount to add to the account over the postage amount.

      Percentage of imprint

      1 to 99%

      The percentage of the postage to add to the account charge.

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