1. In order to deliver a package, you should first tap on deliver in main menu. On Delivery screen, you can scan tracking numbers (or enter them manually) for all packages that you wish to deliver. Please note that in this screen it is only possible to deliver at the same the packages that belong to the same final recipient, as when you tap on Submit button, recipient will be asked to sign for his package(s).

    2. If you tap on a tracking number in this list, you can view information about the package.

    3. When you tap on Submit button, a new screen will be displayed in which you select person who will sign for the package, his location. Once he signed for the package, you tap on Submit button to save information in mobile database.

    4. A notification will be displayed for few seconds to inform you that package status is set to delivered now. You will notice on main menu, that number of delivered packages on main page has changed. This number presents number of delivered packages that have not been synced to central server yet. As soon as you launch Sync process, this number will be reset to zero again.

Date created:
10/08/2018 10:53:09
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02/21/2019 11:00:07
WTS Package Tracking