• The table below indicates the 'Type of stamp' to choose, depending on the type of process you want to apply to each set of mail.

    The column on the right indicates, for each Type of stamp, the options available for each type of Stamp.

    If you do not set any parameter, the Mailing System uses default values.

    Type of process

    Type of stamp

    Available Stamp options

    Applying postage to outgoing mail


    (Printing [Standard] Mail)

    • Rate
    • Weight
    • Date format
    • Text (optional)
    • Ad die (optional)
    • Print offset (optional)
    • Sealing on or off

    Re-dating a mail piece:

    [Date Correction]

    ([Date Correction] Mode)

    • No weight, postage amount = 0
    • Date format
    • Print offset (optional)
    • Sealing (optional)

    Correcting a postage amount

    (print on back of envelope):

    ([Amount Correction] Mode)

    Mode Ajout

    Specific application (see Mode Ajout).

    Printing 'Received' or the date on incoming mail:


    (Printing Incoming Mail with [Received] Mode)

    • Print date and/or 'Received'
    • Print offset (optional)

    Counting by feeding:

    (using optional feeder)

    [No printing]

    (Running [No Printing] Mail)

    • Counter reset
    • Turn sealer off (if installed)

    Counting by weighing:


    Specific application (see Piece Counting).

    The system selects [Standard] type of stamp at start up by default.

    See also

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