• FAQ

    Packcity Web tracking application (NISS) requires a PC with the following minimum features:

    · Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
    · 2 Ghz CPU, 32 or 64 bits
    · 1 Gb RAM
    · 50Mb free hard-disk space

    The Web application requires a web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. It is recommended that you update your browser with the latest version to
    support the latest security fixes, performance improvements and internet standards.

    Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari are not supported

    As the application can export report in PDF, a PDF reader application needs to be installed to correctly view these reports.

    For PackCity locker system, SLA is the following:

    Priority level

    Issue level

    Resolution Target Datacenter

    Resolution Target Software

    Priority 1 – P1


    90% <= 3 hours

    90% <= 3 hours

    A service, system, network and/or a piece of configuration identified as Business Critical is totally down. The issue shows on or more of following points:

    • No functionality is accessible
    • File exchange (EDI) on critical flow is not possible
    • A majority of users on one or more sites are impacted
    • No issue bypass available/possible.
    • Disaster in progress with a critical business impact

    Priority 2 – P2


    90% <= 8 hours

    90% <= 1 day

    This applies when a service, system, network, software or piece of configuration can be used but with low performance and/or with very limited functionalities. Customer operation can continue in degraded mode. The issue shows one or more of following points:

    • Related to a critical service, network, software or piece of configuration but in a less urgent context than in Priority 1
    • Some functionalities are unavailable, the system can be operated in degraded mode, but a solution must be provided quickly
    • The issue or slowness appears in a period considered as Critical

    Priority 3 – P3


    90% <= 3 days

    90% <= 15 days

    This applies to issues with limited effect on customer operation or software availability, meaning that the application is lightly degraded. Hereunder a list of possible minor issues:

    • Issue where a customer acceptable bypass is available
    • Slowness of the File exchange service (EDI) on non-critical data flows

    Priority 4 – P4

    To Be Scheduled

    Next release

    Next release

    This applies to issues having no effect on customer operation. Hereunder a list of possible P4 issues:

    • Issues on user interface having no impact on functionalities

    The application server and database are backed up nightly to an external site. Backups are not
    RTO (Recovery Time Objective) = 4 hours.
    RPO (Recovery Point Objective) = 24 hours.

    Client data is stored in a secured sub network (MZ), which is not accessible from WAN, but only from web servers (DMZ).
    Direct access to database is restricted and can be done only by authorized staff.
    Neopost guarantees and commits that customer data are not used for any business or any Marketing purposes.

    Our applications can only be accessed by registered users and their view depends on their privileges. Authentication is done with a user login and password.

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