1. You can enter information for a package that you have verified before or a package for which no information exists in the system. By receiving a package, you need to complete necessary details needed to deliver a package to its final recipient.

    As you can guess, Recipient name and location as well as package’s tracking number are mandatory information to be entered in this screen.

    1. You can scan tracking number or enter it manually.

    2. After scanning a tracking number barcode or entering it manually, if this number already exists in the system, all information regarding the package will be displayed in the system and screen’s title will change to Modify. 

      For example, in image below, user has verified this package, so recipient’s name was set to VERIFY.

    3. When you enter 3 first characters in recipient’s name, an automatic search will be launched and a list of possible recipients and their location will be displayed.

    4. When you select a recipient in the search list, its location will be set automatically. If this location is found on more than one route, then another screen will appear to ask user on which route he wants to put this package. All other information that exists for this user, such as his email and telephone number will be set automatically as well.

    5. Once he is done entering information for the package, he taps on Modify Package button to save information in mobile database.

      1. If user tries to leave this page without clicking on Modify Package button, he will receive a message warning him that he might lose all information regarding this package.

    6. When user taps on Modify Package button, a notification will appear for few seconds to confirm that data has been saved in mobile database.

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10/08/2018 11:07:37
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WTS Package Tracking