Java Console recommended settings

  • If you are having Java issues, try the following settings to see if your issues are solved.

  • General Tab

    1. Go to Settings. 
    2. Check "Keep temporary files on my computer" and change the Disk Space to 200MB.

    Security Tab

    1. Check "Enable Java content in the browser. 
    2. Add the site to the exception list.

    WTS Customers add: &

    WTS-P Customers add: http://ipaddress (For main WTS-P Computer)

    Advanced Tab

    1. Scroll Down to the bottom and check "Place Java icon in system tray". This setup will show customers that Java started in WTS/ WTS-P to assure it is working.

    Applying Settings

    1. After all settings are done select "Apply" and then "OK". 
    2. Close browser and reopen.
    Date created:
    03/06/2019 13:00:51
    Last updated:
    03/06/2019 13:00:55
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