1. Let’s say that you need to perform an action (either Modify or Deliver) on one or multiple packages at the same time.

    2. If you do not provide any search criteria, search results will contain all undelivered packages. If you enter a search criteria, then all packages (delivered and undelivered) where their tracking number matches search criteria will be displayed.

    3. In order to modify or to deliver packages in results list, you need to first select few or all packages in the list, then tap on menu button next to Selected to show the menu of possible actions.

      1. Note

        If you select modify or deliver in this menu without selecting any packages, nothing will happen (which makes sense, because without selecting packages, no action can be completed).

Date created:
10/26/2018 12:21:13
Last updated:
02/21/2019 11:37:11
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