• In General page, more parameters can be set.
    Use portrait mode for delivery signing: By default, when delivering a package, signature capture screen is displayed in landscape mode. You can choose to display signature capture screen in portrait mode, if you select this option.
    Always display internal tracking number for routing: By default, if there is already a tracking number specified for the package, then it will be displayed. If there is no tracking number specified for the package, WTS internally generated will be shown. Note WTS always assigns an internal tracking number to all packages.
    If you choose this option, WTS internal tracking number will be displayed instead of package’s tracking number, even if a tracking number for the package exists.
    Prompt user when scanning a package for a different route location: Delivery agent will receive a message that asks him to confirm that he is about to deliver a package to a different location other than the one that has been specified.
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10/08/2018 11:11:24
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12/03/2018 15:22:50
WTS Package Tracking