1. Number of accounts

      The number of accounts you can create is set to 70 by default and can be increased to 500 if required.

      Every account includes the following information, which is displayed on the Add account screen:

    1. Account summary

      Account Item




      30 Alphanumeric Characters

      Number of the account. Two accounts cannot have the same number.

      An account number cannot be modified after the account is created. However, the account can be deleted.


      32 Alphanumeric Characters

      Name of the account. Two accounts cannot have the same name.


      Active / Inactive

      Only active accounts are visible to users.


      Name of a group, subgroup or Root

      The group that contains the account: may be Root or the name of a group or subgroup (see Group Settings).

    1. Naming limitation Account names and group names must be unique in the account structure.
    1. Additional information

      See also

      The Budget and Surcharge settings are only available when the Advanced Reporting option is activated. See Budget and Surcharge Preferences.

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