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    NeoStats Basic is a free app that is available on all IS/IM/IN Series mailing systems.
    NeoStats Basic consists of one report, for a single mailing system, that provides the following information:
    • Total postage dollars spent by month.
    • Total pieces processed for the current month.
    • Most commonly used postal rate for the current month.
    Detailed Reports provide a closer look at total postage expenditures by expanding the view to include an additional breakdown by Account, Mail Service, Mail Class and/or Operator (depending on what report is being generated).
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    • An  Account View Report with:
      Details By Mail Class
      Details By Operator
      Details By Mail Service

      A Mail Service View Report with:  
      Details By Account
      Details By Operator
      Details By Mail Class

      A Mail Class View Report with:

      A Summary By Mail Class
      Details By Account
      Details By Operator

      An Operator View Report
    Both NeoStats Basic and NeoStats Enhanced data can be exported  to EXCEL, CSV, or PDF formats.

    Some functions may not work correctly.

    On screen or with NeoStats Enhanced, you can create reports in spreadhsheet or graphical formats.
    • Identify potential cost savings by analyzing postage spend by account / department / postage class and /or operator.
    • Increase efficiency and eliminate errors associated with manual postage reconciliation. Recoup processing costs by charging back postage expenses to specific accounts
    • Reconcile postage dollars down to 1/100 of a cent.
    Trend Reports provide postage expense detail including:
    Total Number of Pieces Processed; Total Amount of Postage Spent: Average Cost Per Piece,  for the following:
    • Overall Meter Activity •  Breakdown by Mail Service • Breakdown by Account • Breakdown by Operator • Breakdown by Mail Class
    NeoStats data by default, is set up to refresh on a monthly basis.  This is done with a statistics upload that takes place on your mailing system 1x per month.  Typical stastistics uploads are done after midnight between the 1st and 4th of every month. If you need data on a more frequent basis, simply perform a generic call on the mailing system.
    No.  NeoStats currently consists of predefined report templates only.
    NeoStats reports are currently available for 13 months.
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