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    In the attached article you will find some general VBA programming guidelines, which are recommended to be used for programming with PrintMachine Visual Basic for Applications.

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    The article suggests some basic guidelines for programming in VBA (VisualBaisc for Applications). The guidelines mainly follow
    the ISO 9241 standards (see also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_9241). The major topics are:

    Add comments:

    • Comment all variables, their usage and possible range;
    • Comment all procedures and functions, add a short description of the purpose;
    • At the beginning list all changes and the reason for the change; add project, customer and date of agreement for the change.


    • Provide names for Procedures, Function, Variables etc with a clear indication of the meaning;
    • Follow the REDDICK conventions for control elements, variables and constants;
    • Follow the common VBA rules (see Microsoft Knowledge Base).

    Error handling:

    • Provide complete error handling with comprehensible, meaningful error messages;
    • Check objects whether they are empty or Zero before processing (especially when using databases);
    • Avoid "On Error Resume Next".


    • Make your code easy to understand;
    • Use one command per line;
    • Use of 'Select Case' is better than multiple 'If';
    • Avoid Gotos and Exits if possible.

    User Interface:

    • Make them look and feel similar to standard Microsoft applications;
    • Don't overload, use dialogue boxes;
    • Use one simple font;
    • Deactivate or hide control elements if not applicable;
    • Build functional groups for elements belonging together;
    • Avoid messages with typos.

    Data output:

    • Check prerequisites before providing data for output;
    • Store data: change mouse cursor to "working" if it take some time;
    • Use status bar to inform (where applicable).

    Test your program:

    • Have other programmes testing your program;
    • Use test data also from other sources than yours;
    • Provide test results including expected vs received results.

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