• Description

    Restrictions: This script only translates characters or removes them. For real boxes please use the "DrawBox" Function.

    Replace character based Lines (Replace "--" and "==" raw data lines). You can replace them by another character based lines (such as a long line) or you can remove them completely and use overlays or layout.drawbox commands instead. Functionality Replace Lines based on "-" and "==" characters through long-line characters.

  • Answer

    There are two Subroutines: SimpleLines Replaces the "--" characters trough long lines and "==" trough double long lines. RemoveLines Removes all line based characters but leaves single "-" and "=". Simply add "SimpleLines" or "RemoveLines" as a parameter in each Layout that shall use that functionality.

    Private Sub OnLayout() Select Case LCase(Layout.BasicParameter) Case LCase("RemoveLines") Call RemoveLines Case LCase("SimpleLines") Call SimpleLines Case Else App.PrintMessage("ACHTUNG: There is not script for this Basicparameter:" & Layout.BasicParameter) End Select End Sub Public Sub SimpleLines End Sub Public Sub RemoveLines End Sub


Date created:
01/22/2015 11:38:32
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02/11/2015 10:25:45