• Description

    If a remote desktop connection will be opened to a computer, a new session will be opened. Special for installation purposes this is not wanted, because the new session corresponds not 100 percent to what you see directly on the real computer.

  • Answer

    To solve this problem use the following commands over Start/Run: mstsc /console or "mstsc /admin"
    Now you will be asked to define the server for the connection. After the successful connection you are exactly on the same session such as you are working directly on the server.
    Make sure you have the needed administrator rights.

    Advantage for this login:

    • You will see the popups and the error messages
    • You will be able to install software, which is not possible in the terminal mode
    • You will be working with the console such as if you were sitting directly in front of the screen

    Parameters for the command:
    Which ports will be used:
    A remote desktop connection (mstsc.exe) use a singel TCP Port for a in- and out-bound connection. Port 3389 which will be taken by the target host Generic Host Process for Win32 Services (svchost.exe) .

Date created:
01/22/2015 11:38:32
Last updated:
02/11/2015 10:25:45