• Description

    Restrictions The word must be found on a lower line number than the new line number. This function does only move down (not up).

    Moves lines of data to a fixed line number in order to make layouting easier. This script can be used to make flowing data parts stable and designable. All you must do is to find a part in the data that you would like to move to a certain line number. This string must be unique. Please note that everything after that search string is being moved down, not only that particular line. Functionality Moves Part of the data stream to a fixed Line number to ease configuration work.

  • Answer

    The Function Movelines uses two parameters, the Word you want to look for and the line number you want to move that block to. You find a sample in red.

    Private Sub OnDefinition() Select Case LCase(Definition.BasicParameter) Case LCase("MoveLines") MoveLines("SearchString1",45) MoveLines("SearchString2",55) Case Else End Select End Sub Public Function MoveLines(sSearch As String, lNewLine As Long) As Boolean End Function

Date created:
01/22/2015 11:38:32
Last updated:
02/11/2015 10:25:41