• Description

    The number of Preprocessor Instances is restricted to the amount of licensed PrintMachine Instances.

    Nevertheless several InDevices shall be served with one single Preprocessor instance.

  • Answer

    Add the following scripting in Input.BAS to make use of one single Preprocessor instance to serve multiple InDevices:
    Option Explicit
    Const PreprocInputPath = App.Path & "Input\pre"
    Const PreprocOutputPath = App.Path & "Input"
    Private Sub OnFileInput(ByRef psFileName As String)
     Select Case InDevice.BasicParameter
     Case "pdf1", "pdf2"
     Call SendToPreProc(psFileName)
     End Select
    End Sub
    Private Sub SendToPreProc(sInName As String)
    On Error GoTo SendToPreProc_Errors
     Dim sOutName As String
     Dim i As Integer
     sOutName = PreprocInputPath & Mid(sInName, InStrRev(sInName, "\"))
     Name sInName As sOutName 'preprocessing...
     sOutName = PreprocOutputPath & Mid(sInName, InStrRev(sInName, "\")) & ".PDF"
     App.PrintMessage "preprocessing InDevice" & Mid(sInName, InStrRev(sInName, "\")+1,2) & ": " & InDevice.OriginalFileName
     Wait 1
     If Dir(sOutName) <> "" Then
     Name sOutName As sInName
     App.PrintMessage "preprocess successful"
     Exit Do
     End If
     i = i + 1

    If i > 10 Then
     App.PrintMessage "error in Preprocessing"
     sOutName = PreprocInputPath & Mid(sInName, InStrRev(sInName, "\"))
     If Dir(sOutName) <> "" Then Name sOutName As sInName
     Exit Do
     End If
     App.PrintMessage "waiting... [" & i & "]"
     Loop While Dir(sInName) = ""
    Exit Sub
     App.PrintMessage Err.Description & " in BASICS (Input) Sub SendToPreProc"
    End Sub
    Attached please find a sample configuration. This configuration has two InDevices and the Preprocessor is configured to input
    at "\Input\pre" and output to "\Input".
    Feel free to modify or copy coding according to your needs.

Date created:
01/22/2015 11:38:32
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02/11/2015 10:25:31