• Description

    As from April 2006, Neopost will prepare for each new converter version of the Converters an independent setup including all formats and the Viewer.
  • Answer

    The setup will always be published on OMS Support & Partner Website in the following categories:

    • Downloads / Patches / Version 3.XX: VIEWER AND CONVERTER PACK (Mass tests have been conducted)
    • Downloads / Unreleased Patches / Version 3.XX: VIEWER AND CONVERTER PACK (NO mass tests have been conducted)

    The  Viewer Setup includes all components that are used to view PCL- / PDF- / AFP- / BRF- and EMF-files (C++ Runtime, DLL's, TrueType-fonts). The setup works properly even if PrintMachine has been installed before hand or not at all.

    In future, we strongly recommend that you will ALWAYS use the Viewer setup for installing a new version of the Converters. DON'T copy the files manually any more.

    Some more information:

    • Always start setup.exe in order to install the Converter Pack
      (Don't use Viewer.msi - it might fail if certain components are not yet installed).
      For Windows Vista, 7 ++ start setup.exewith "Run As Administrator".
    • Please read SetupReadMe.txt / ReadMe.txt carefully.
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01/22/2015 11:38:32
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02/11/2015 10:25:30