• Description

    Recommended procedure how to install the OMS-500 Aggregator alpha/beta, or hotfix version. 

  • Answer

    1. The OMS-500 needs to be installed and the OMS500 service needs to be running.
    2. OMS-500 needs to be activated with a valid OMS-500 license, which includes the Aggregator license.
    3. Run the installer Setup-Aggregator-2.0.xx.exe as an admin
    4. During installation, use the default prefilled settings.
    5. On the tab - Aggregator settings fill in:
      OMS500 Server URL: http://localhost:690/local/ please don't forget the ending slash (for the version the "/" slash character can be omitted)
      User name: admin
      Password: TestOms500
      Hot folder root: any root hotfolder (if you have already installed Aggregator before, or you tried to install it - this hotfolder should be different from the previous ones specified)
      Aggregator name: Name of Aggregator (this should also be a different name from the previous installations, otherwise it will not work)
    6. Use the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as a browser 
Date created:
01/22/2015 11:38:32
Last updated:
09/18/2018 11:53:07