• This report displays the batch counter and the postage spent for outgoing mail (type of stamp [Standard]) since the last reset.

  • Requirements

    To generate this report, you have to be logged in as a user.

    You must be in [Standard] stamp type to view the outgoing mail batch counter.


  • Output

    • Screen
    • USB printer

  • Content




    Begin = Date of last reset

    End = Current date

    Die number

    On printed report only

    Number of items (without 0.00 items)

    Total value of items

    After issuing reports like Metering Batch Data or Received Batch Data, you may wish to reset the batch counters so that your next set of reports restart from zero at the current date.

    See How to Reset Batch Counters.

Date created:
03/12/2014 22:31:40
Last updated:
10/17/2014 23:08:39