• This report displays the consumption per Customer Product Code in the selected period.

  • Requirements

    • To generate this report, you have to be logged in as a supervisor (not as user ).


    • Screen
    • USB Printer
    • USB Key
  • Content




    You have to specify the period for the report (Begin date and an End date).

    The report displays all operator activity for this period.

    Default period: Begin= 1st day of the current month and End= current date


    Printed report only

    The rate table gives the product code description. If the product code description does not exist in the rate table (because this is a rate not available anymore), the product code description becomes “Unknown rate”.

    For each customer product code with consumption during the selected period:
    • Product Code Description:

    • # of items on period.

    • Total postage value on period.

Date created:
12/13/2018 11:54:45
Last updated:
12/27/2018 10:35:00
IN-700, IN-750