• Selecting a Mail Class
      • All Postage Rate Mail Classes loaded in the system are displayed in the list
    • Selecting a Destination
      • For Domestic Mail Classes, you may be prompted to enter the destination postal or zone code . Use the [C] key to delete the existing postal or zone code (if any) and enter the new destination postal or zone code. Press [OK] to validate your Postal Rate set up.
    • Selecting an Option
      • All options available, depending on your previous choices, are displayed in a list (including 'No Options').
      • After you select an option, any additional available option is displayed.
    • Wizard Summary Screen
      • The Summary Screen displays all the selections you have made.
      • If you place an item on the weighing platform, the corresponding postage is displayed.
      • Press [OK] to return to the home screen.
    Otherwise, you can press the back key to modify any of the settings made previously and obtain a new summary.
Date created:
03/12/2014 22:25:19
Last updated:
11/21/2017 08:59:29