This section describes running an existing pre-programmed job. To create a new job, see Creating a job.

If the IMOS operating software is not already running, it must be started using the icon on the monitor screen. To access the PC to switch it on, open the cupboard below the inserter head.

Before running a job, the paper hoppers must be loaded with stationery - see Loading the paper hoppers for details.

    1. If the Job screen is not already displayed, press the Jobs button at the top and select the required job from the list (use the scroll arrows if needed).

    2. Summary of selected job is shown.
    3. If you are happy with your selection, press Accept, otherwise, select another job.
    4. Load the paper and envelopes in the hoppers indicated.
    5. Press the Run button to begin operating.
See also The Run Screen for a full description of the controls.

Paper is normally loaded in the Tower face-up and feet-first if non- reading, face down and head-first if reading. This may vary: see also appendix A.

Note: When using the cascade function, the Run button must be pressed while the machine is still running, after you have reloaded the empty hopper. This ensures the paper is fed to its pre-load position. If this is not carried out the machine will stop, even though the hopper is full: if this happens, press the Run button to continue.

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