• The Weighing Platform calculates mail piece weights that have to be corrected according to the geographical location of the Mailing System, as weights can change with the altitude and latitude. The correcting geodesic code may be entered:

    • Automatically with Online Services
    • Manually
    • Changing GEO code

      To change the GEO code manually, follow the steps below.

      Changing the GEO code modifies the weight values the Mailing System calculates. Make sure you enter the correct GEO Code to ensure your weights are accurate.
    1. To change the GEO code:

      1. As supervisor (see How to Log in as Supervisor):

      2. See the map and table on the next pages to get the 5 digit GEO code from your location altitude and latitude, and enter the 5 digit using the keypad.

      3. Press [OK] to validate.

Date created:
03/12/2014 22:35:47
Last updated:
11/21/2017 08:44:17