• There are 2 important events that define start and end of tracking activities for a package. Receiving a package marks its entry into WTS system and delivering ends package tracking since we assume that package ownership has been transferred to its final recipient.
    Every status assigned to the package between these 2 endpoints will be saved in the system.
  • In cases where Mailroom agent receives multiple packages at the same time, but he does not have enough time to enter all information for each package, he will only packages’ barcode to confirm that packages have been arrived. In this case, package’s status will be set to verified. Later when he has time, he will enter all information such as its recipient, location, possible damages, package type, etc for the package and changes its status to Received.
Date created:
11/09/2018 15:43:49
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12/03/2018 15:20:07
WTS Package Tracking