1. An interesting screen for delivery agent who needs to have an idea about the number of undelivered packages on each route. By clicking on Routing menu, a list of configured routes in WTS will be displayed.
      For each route, number of undelivered packages are shown in a blue box and number of notes for packages in a route is presented in the red box.

    2. When you tap on a route, you can see in more detail number of packages for different locations on that route.

    3. When you select a location in the list, a list of undelivered packages for that location will be shown.

    4. You can select packages that you wish to deliver to the SAME RECIPIENT in selected location.

    5. If at least one package has been selected in the list, then you can click on Deliver Packages button, which will redirect you to Deliver Screen.

    6. To deliver packages in this list to the SAME RECIPIENT, you press on Submit button. In the next screen, first you choose recipient and his location, then he signs to collect his packages.6

    7. When you click on Submit button, modifications will be saved in mobile database. A notification will be displayed to confirm this action. As you see in image below, packages are delivered and there are no more undelivered packages for City1 location.

      1. Attention

        Please make sure to launch Sync process to send latest modifications to central server.

Date created:
10/08/2018 10:53:15
Last updated:
02/21/2019 11:06:36
WTS Package Tracking