• Imagine this scenario:
    Carrier’s delivery agent arrives with a pile of new packages for your company. Mailroom staff is very busy and does not have enough time to enter information for each package, he scans packages quickly to keep a trace of them, then will free carrier’s delivery agent. By scanning each package, he verifies barcode number for the package against the transporter list. Later when he has time, he will complete information such as final recipient name, location for each package and will assign a route to each package.
  • When mobile user scans a barcode, it will appear automatically in the list.
  • If user taps on a package number in this list, he can view information about this package.
  • Please make sure to tap on Verify button before leaving this screen in order to pass these packages on verified status. Verify button works like a confirmation button, so if you do not click on it before leaving the page, scanned packages will not be stored in device’s database.
    By clicking on Verify button, you will leave this page and a notification will appear to confirm that packages were stored successfully in the system.
    Verified packages will be sent to central server when you press on Sync button in main menu or the next time that you launch WTS App.
Date created:
10/08/2018 11:07:28
Last updated:
12/03/2018 15:22:24
WTS Package Tracking