1. If user needs to record multiple packages for the same recipients, he can choose Multi-Receive screen, where he chooses a recipient, then scans multiple packages for selected recipient.

    When he enters 3 first characters of recipient name, an automatic search will be launched and he will see a list of all possible choices. When he selects a recipient in this list, his location will be set automatically. If this location is already on more than one route, user will be asked to choose a route in the list.

    1. When user is done entering information for recipient, he will tap on Scan button at bottom-right corner of the screen, to start entering tracking number of his packages.

    2. User scans or manually enters tracking number for recipient’s packages, then taps on Receive Packages button to save information in the mobile database.

    3. After tapping on Submit button, user will leave Multi-Receive screen and return to main screen on WTS App. A notification will be displayed at the bottom of the screen for few seconds to confirm that packages have been successfully added to the mobile database.

      You will notice in image below that number of received packages is updated to 4 packages. Number of received/modified/delivered packages on main screen presents number of packages that have not been sent to central server. User who had received 20 packages during the day and had launched Sync process several times, will only see number of packages that are not yet sent to central server.

Date created:
10/08/2018 11:07:51
Last updated:
02/21/2019 10:56:01
WTS Package Tracking