• Receive allows a WTS user to add a package to the database and put data against it that can be searched or printed on the label, if printing labels.

    1. Scan a tracking number with a barcode scanner OR

    Leave Tracking Number Blank for WTS to create a tracking number for items without tracking numbers.
  • 2. Enter the recipient by the first or last name to pull in the data on the recipient.

    *The data that populates is from the Import. Recipient and Location are required fields.
  • 3. Once the data populates if a Route is connected to the location it will also appear. If more than one route is connected to the location a list of routes will populate.

    *Routes group locations together into one manifest so transfers and delivery can be done by the route not the recipient/location
  • 4. Select the rest of the userfields being utilized. In this case the package type, storage location, and Sender.

    *Userfields being utilized are determined by the customer and could be different then the depicted situation.

    a. Package Type(MyList)- Drop down list that the admin can define the values in the list.

    b. Storage Location- Search as you type, if storing at the same time as receiving. Comes from list of storage locations. Have to choose valid storage location.

    c. Sender- Search as you type, if not in the database can be added by the add button that shows up.
  • 5. Userfields- Multiple userfields can be used for free text. Userfield6 and Userfield7 are date fields that can be added.

    6. Next Action- if using next action it allows a different status to be set on the package other than received automatically. If using next action Next action should always be used for each package.

    Ex1. If there were two different emails to go out based on the package type you would select one status for one email and another status to send out a different email.

    Ex.2 next action can clean up email notification if the WTS user is utilizing verify and they don’t want to send an email every time the user modifies package data.
  • 7. Labels, display the default number of labels printed. If it is “0” select the label icons to choose how many labels to print per package. Options are 1,2 or 3.
  • 8. Select Receive, to receive the package into the database or Deliver Now to go straight to the Delivery screen for that package.
  • Other Features when using Receive

    Locking Options

    If there is a need to repeat items when receiving you can use the lock buttons so that the item will hold until they are cleared. When the buttons are Blue they are locked. Once received, the items will stay.

    *To clear the locks and clears the form, select the Clear Icon
  • Add a Picture

    The camera icon allows a picture be added to an item by browsing the computer for the image and selecting it. It will save to the item. If need to remove select the Red “X” when hovering over the image.
  • Add a Note

    An internal note can be added. This note is only for internal use and can only be seen by WTS users. Select Add Note.
  • Enter Note or Select Candid Note created by the WTS Admin. Select Ok to add note to item. If need to remove note select red “x” on added note.
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