• WTS package tracking application let you easily track arrived parcels from their arrival point till its final delivery. A parcel might take different statuses before being delivered at its final destination, so it is possible to define different actions that could be executed on this package. For example, when delivery agent was not able to deliver a parcel at its final destination, you might want to set parcel’s status to “First Delivery Attempt” which triggers sending a notification to recipient about this event.
    Let’s say that a department has been transferred to another building. Upon arrival a parcel for this department, you might want to set an action to transfer this package to the other building. In this case, WTS will generate automatically a forwarding label for this recipient upon receiving a package for someone at this department.
    You can customize parcel’s trajectory by customizing its workflow based on its sender, carrier, recipients, etc.
Date created:
07/30/2018 16:57:04
Last updated:
12/03/2018 15:20:05
WTS Package Tracking