1. Step 1 - Install the scanner

    1. Unpack, mount and connect scanner on a USB slot.

  2. Step 2 - Install the setup software provided by Zebra

  3. Step 3 - Configure the scanner

    1. Launch 123scan software to configure the scanner.

    2. Click on

    3. Then click on

      1. The system should find and show your scanner like shown below.
    4. Click on the scanner to open the configuration wizard like shown below.

    5. Fill in the fields and click on "Next" to reach the screen below.

    6. Select "HID Keyboard Emulation" like shown above, then click on "Next" to reach the screen below.

      1. Here you can select the barcode symbologies your scanner will be able to read. Most of useful barcodes are enable except the MAXICODE in "Other 2D symbologies". Enable it like shown below.

    7. Click on "Next" to reach the screen below.

    8. Select your country keyboard and click on "Next" to reach the screen below.

      1. Here you can define if the scanner should append a RETURN or a TAB at the end of the code when reading. Default settings is no append, feel free to add a TAB or RETURN if suitable for the installation. When done, click on "Next" to reach the screen below.

      2. Here you can change the page format in A4 if suitable, then click on "Next" to reach the final screen below.

    9. Click on "Save to PC" to save your config on the PC.

      1. When configuration saving is done, click on "Load to Scanner" to transfer the new settings to your scanner. A status window like below is shown.

    10. Your scanner is ready to scan, exit the 123scan software to enable it with the new settings. Please test your scanner is behaving well with the Track Inside application. Fine tune the settings if needed, mind to save the configuration to retrieve it when needed.

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