1. Adding/Modifying a Sender

    Adding a Sender Manually

    1. Go to Admin.

    2. Select “Senders” under Senders.

    3. Click.

    4. Enter the Sender (required) and any other pertinent information. Email and Cell would allow the customer to setup emails or texts to be sent out to the sender when configuring emails.

    5. Add Record.

    6. Record will show below if addition is successful.

  2. Modifying/Delete an existing Sender

    1. Go to Admin.

    2. Select “Senders” under Senders.

    3. Find the Sender you want to Modify and select to the left of the Sender.

    4. To modify: Change the field(s) desired then make sure the radio is selected for Modify and select “Update”.

    5. To Delete, select the Radio next to Delete and select “Update”.

  3. Importing Senders

    1. WTS allows senders to be imported.

    2. Go to Admin.

    3. Select “Import Sender .csv file” under Data.

    4. Choose if you want to clear previous senders from the database or not. Then choose file you want to import. (.csv only).

    5. Select “Import File”.

      1. Tip

        When creating the import file the approved headers are: ID, Sender, Company, Address, Address2, City, State, Zip, Email, and Cell.

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